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Slice of Pie — Restaurant and Cafe in Coolongokook, NSW

Our Menu - Coolongolook Restaurant & Cafe

Andy’s Cherry Pie Cafe is the best place to enjoy delicious meals in a lovely environment. Whether you are dying for a cup of Bello Cafe coffee, want to enjoy a delicious, homemade pie or would like to sit down for a full meal, we have got you covered!

We are open five to seven days a week, depending on the season and our unique Andy’s Cafe charm will leave you wanting to come back the very next day!

Breakfast & Coffee

Many of our customers come in from 7 in the morning, wanting to enjoy breakfast and a delicious Bello Cafe coffee.

Here is our breakfast and coffee menu:
- Bello Cafe coffee
- Bacon & egg roll
- Big breakfast - two eggs, bacon, lamb chop, sausage, baked beans, stewed tomato, hash brown and toast
- Bacon & eggs on toast - fried, poached or scrambled
- Bacon, eggs & baked beans on toast - fried, poached or scrambled
- Field mushroom, bacon & eggs - fried, poached or scrambled
- Sausage & eggs on toast - fried, poached or scrambled
- Eggs on toast - fried, poached or scrambled
- Baked beans or spaghetti on toast
- Omelette - ham, mushroom, cheese & tomato
- Savoury mince & fried egg on toast.
- Pancakes
- Hot toast with homemade jam - or vegemite or peanut butter.
- Extras - eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, toast, gluten-free bread.


Available at all hours and with a choice of sauces, here is our burger menu:
- Plain - homemade meat patty, caramelised onions, beetroot, tomato & lettuce.
- Cheese - homemade meat patty, double cheese, tomato & lettuce.
- Chilli - I Dare You Burger - homemade meat patty, jalapeno peppers, cheese, tomato, lettuce & hot chilli sauce.
- Works - homemade meat patty, egg, bacon, cheese, caramelised onion, beetroot, tomato & lettuce.
- Potato Scallop - homemade meat patty, potato scallop, caramelised onion, beetroot, tomato & lettuce.
- Barramundi - southern fried barramundi patty, tomato, cos lettuce & coleslaw.
- Steak Sandwich - marbled scotch fillet, caramelised onion, beetroot, tomato & lettuce on toast.
- Extras - egg, bacon, cheese, gluten-free bread.

Main Meals

Our main meals are perfect for when you want to enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner with friends, family or work colleagues:
- Bangas & Mash - sausages, mashed potato, vegetables & gravy.
- Lamb Fry & Bacon - with mashed potato & chips.
- Big Chicken Schnitzel - with mashed potatoes, vegetables, chips & gravy.
- Beer Battered Whiting - with salad & chips.

Take Away Food

All our breakfast, lunch and dinner items are available for takeaway. Customers can call ahead to order or come into our Coolongolook cafe in person.

Aside from our above menu items, we also have wraps available for takeaway:

- Chicken Schnitzel - warm chicken schnitzel, cucumber, cheese, coleslaw & baby spinach.
- Fish Wrap - warm battered whiting, cucumber, coleslaw & baby spinach.
- Veggie Wrap - char-grilled eggplant, peppers, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, feta & baby spinach.

Cherry Pie & Dessert

Andy’s is famous for our cherry pie and other delicious desserts, available all day:

- Stewed Cherries & Ice Cream
- Cherry Pie
- Seasonal Pies
- Seasonal Cakes
- Cherry Sunday - cherries, ice cream, cherry topping & wafer
- Ice Cream Sunday - ice cream, syrup, wafer, sliced strawberries, nuts & cream
- Plum Pudding & Custard
- Ice Cream & Topping or Malt
- Waffles - ice cream, sliced strawberries, maple syrup & toffee